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IHS Janes – moduly a produkty

IHS Janes – moduly a produkty

IHS JANES časopisy – v tištěné nebo on-line podobě

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IHS JANES Defence Weekly IHS JANES International Defence Review IHS Janes Airport Review IHS Janes Intelligence Review
Defence Weekly International
Defence Review
Airport Review

IHS JANES – publikace, ročenky, databáze – tištěné nebo on-line

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Defence Equipment & Technology Solutions

  • Aero Engines
  • All the World’s Aircraft: Development & Production
  • All the World’s Aircraft: In Service
  • All the World’s Aircraft: Unmanned
  • C4ISR & Mission Systems: Air
  • C4ISR & Mission Systems: Joint & Common Equipment
  • C4ISR & Mission Systems: Land
  • C4ISR & Mission Systems: Maritime
  • EOD & CBRNE Defence Equipment
  • Fighting Ships
  • Flight Avionics
  • Land Warfare Platforms: Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Land Warfare Platforms: Artillery & Air Defence
  • Land Warfare Platforms: Logistics, Support & Unmanned
  • Land Warfare Platforms: System Upgrades
  • Mines & EOD Operational Guide
  • Police & Homeland Security Equipment
  • Simulation & Training Systems
  • Space Systems & Industry
  • Unmanned Maritime Vehicles
  • Weapons: Air-Launched
  • Weapons: Ammunition
  • Weapons: Infantry
  • Weapons: Naval
  • Weapons: Strategic

Defence Industry Solutions

  • Aircraft Component Manufacturers
  • International ABC Aerospace Directory
  • International Defense Directory
  • World Defense Industry

Market, Programme & Budget Forecasting

  • IHS Jane’s DS Forecast
  • IHS Jane’s Defence Budgets
  • IHS Jane’s Defence Sector Budgets
  • IHS Jane’s Defence Procurement
  • IHS Jane’s PEDS Complete

Security Intelligence Solutions

  • IHS Jane’s Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre
  • IHS Jane’s Amphibious & Special Forces
  • IHS Jane’s World Air Forces
  • IHS Jane’s World Armies
  • IHS Jane’s World Navies

IHS Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre

  • IHS Jane’s Terrorism Events Spatial Layer
  • IHS Jane’s World Insurgency & Terrorism

IHS Jane’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Assessments Intelligence Centre

Transport Intelligence

  • IHS Jane’s Air Traffic Control
  • IHS Jane’s Airport News and Reference
  • IHS Jane’s Urban Transport Systems
  • IHS Jane’s World Railways