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Wiley Collections – chemické databáze a publikace

Wiley Collections – vzhledem ke Willey Collections - chemické databáze a publikacestrategickému partnerství IHS s vydavatelstvím John Wiley & Sons jsou dispozici nejvíce používané vědecké a technické publikace a chemické databáze

Technické informace

Premiové tituly z vydavatelství Wiley jsou nabízeny ve třech různých velikostech CORE/MEDIUM/LARGE v rámci IHS KONWLEDGE COLLECTION

Chemické databáze

IHS nabízí přístup do čtyř Wiley chemických databází

Organic Reactions

  • Is a comprehensive online resource for synthetic organic chemists that provides information about the most important and useful synthetic reactions, organized primarily by reaction type.

Organic Syntheses

  • Describes checked and edited experimental procedures, spanning a broad range of synthetic methodologies.The database provides chemists with a compendium of new or little known experimental procedures that lead to useful
    compounds or that illustrate important new developments in methodology.

Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis (EROS)

  • Is the one source for in-depth online information on reagents and catalysts for all chemists planning or working on organic syntheses. The encyclopedia gives detailed information on more than 4,500 reagents and catalysts,
    and every year more than 200 new or updated articles are added.

Database of Polymer Properties

  • Represents the single most comprehensive, commercially available source of physical property data for
    polymers, with experimentally determined and selected data for more than 2,500 polymers. The database is based on the authoritative Polymer Handbook, 4th Edition, widely known as the essential print reference for every polymer scientist’s laboratory (the “bible” of polymer physical data).